A comprehensive marketing strategy should always include a more proactive element.  Outreach is a general category that includes a variety of ways to proactively reach out to your target audience.  As with any good strategy, it is worth the time researching what method will have the best results.  Think of this approach as a digital form of Public Relations and you'll have a good working knowledge.


Email Marketing

Marketing your business via email blasts is a great way to build your brand while communicating your expertise.  Our marketing professionals will create informative email articles your clients/customers will find of interest.  The goal of email marketing is to build your brand, stay top of mind, communicate expertise and generate new/return traffic to your website.  At Marketing Ape, all email marketing services include tracking and analytics data so you know exactly how effective the campaign is at any time.


Social Media

Social media can be an excellent way to engage your clients/customers, but it isn't right for every business.  In fact, for some businesses social media can be time intensive and expensive, resulting in a low return on investment.  Marketing Ape can advise you of how likely a social media campaign is to generate a good ROI.  Keep in mind, sometimes a social media effort is more about creating a channel for your clients/customers to provide feedback to you about your products/services.  The effectiveness and value of social media varies greatly from industry to industry.


Reputation Management

Online reviews have become a valuable tool in securing new business and the sources of these online reviews has grown substantially in recent years.  Google, Yahoo!, Yelp, Epinions, Angie's List and a growing list of directories all provide Internet users with reviews of businesses.  Managing these reviews and your businesses overall reputation online is becoming an important consideration in any digital marketing endeavor.  Marketing Ape provides effective online reputation management services addressing negative reviews where possible as well as proactively promoting good reviews.  Our marketing professionals will work with you to understand your reputation management goals as well as develop a proactive strategy to address any current challenges.


Directory Listings

Directories have grown exponentially in the last 5+ years with both positive and negative consequences.  In most cases, having a presence in a directory can be have a positive impact on your Internet marketing strategy by increasing your "digital footprint".  However, in some cases a business may not want to be associated with a directory or the directory may have bad/outdated information about a business.  Marketing Ape can provide assistance in maximizing directory listings helpful to your goals as well as work to minimize any negative associations.


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Many of our clients are surprised by the cost of our services.  Marketing Ape works hard to keep overhead low while providing exceptional results.  Our custom tailored approach does not mean custom tailored pricing (expensive).  In fact, the most common feedback we get from clients is the exceptional value we provide and return on investment.

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